What is user experience design?

User experience design is a process for studying and designing what your customer experiences when using your product or service. In the User Experience (UX) field, the customer is often referred to as ‘the user’.

The goal of good user experience design is to increase your customers’ satisfaction by making your product as delightful and easy to use as possible, while still achieving your business goals.

Isn’t research costly?

It depends on how deep you want to go. For example, if you need your data to be statistically significant for reasons of safety (eg: software used during surgery), then you would want to test many times with many users. On the other hand, if you are wondering why people aren’t filling out the contact form on your website, that’s a lot easier.

You will get better data the more tests you perform, and the more users you test with. However, you can still find out a lot about your product with a ‘quick and dirty’ usability test. You only need five of your customers to test with and can easily compile results within a week.

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